Claudia - German client

Dear Nupur,
As you know, we got in contact through ICA. I had never been coached before, so you created my first experience in being coached. This experience however was very important as unconsciously I formed my thoughts about whether coaching would be the right choice for me as well. Apart from wanting to experience coaching, I came to you with one particular topic I needed help with, but whilst coaching I sometimes deviated and came to you with some smaller sub-topics which kept me occupied during that period of time. What struck me most about our sessions and about you is that I immediately felt safe and comfortable sharing with you. You were a very good and attentive listener, listening to both my words and feelings and you were 100% focused on helping me move forward. You helped me and showed me the importance of celebrating achievements, helped me to relax and to feel good about myself. I expressed my wish to be coached on the transition from my current job to working as a professional coach. In order to help me with this you asked a lot of questions about me and my past experiences, were eager to learn who I am and what I am capable of, acknowledgement being a very important part of your sessions. When being stuck you guided me through a variable set of tools such as meditation and/or role-play. Tools you used very effectively as after having experienced those I had a different perspective on the topics discussed. The outcome of our coaching sessions was a very detailed time-plan and frame which will help me to finalise my studies including a step-plan to manage the transition from A to B. If I manage to create the life I was always dreaming of it is also thanks to you…having said this I wish you all the best for the future and all your future clients can only be lucky to have found you. You will help a lot of people create their dreams!

Best wishes,

Claudia, your German client, living and working in Rome/Italy.


Karmelo – Basque Country

Dear Nupur,

I would like to express my deepest thanks to you for your help to clarify my goals and to focus my energy to achieve them. Before we started the coaching process, I was unclear about what I really wanted to achieve in my life. I knew that my goals did not fulfill me and I was lucking energy and enthusiasm. To tell the truth, I was skeptical about the benefits that the coaching process could bring to change the situation.

My perspective radically change after the first couple of coaching sessions with you. You helped me to visualize a new possible future, clarify my values and identify goals that were aligned with them. I have received a lot of support and encouragement from you to move into action and resolve any blocking issues.

After this four months, I realize that it is possible to be successful and faithful to myself . I feel internally aligned and balance, full of energy and enthusiasm. My performance has improved significantly and my quality of life too. Thanks again for your help.

Karmelo, from Euskal Herria – Basque Country


Anne Morin - Switzerland

The world of coaching was completely unknown to me, and I was associating the word with athletes or superstars.
I had no idea of what would come ahead : I just knew Nupur. I knew she was a very trustworthy person, and I knew there was one journey I did not want to do on my own.

Nupur has always amazed me by her open-mind, her full dynamism and a smile bigger than her face. She has this unique way of making you feel valued. She also has traveled the world, combining east and west and feeling at ease with both. Last but not least, she has this absolute knack of engaging wonderful conversations even with inwards people : it is just so easy with her.

The world of ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) had banged on our door, so we were learning and trying out new ways to cope with this. Of course we were feeling sometimes overwhelmed, and Nupur actually brought crucial contribution to this.

She made me realise the importance of acknowledging achievements, and actually how many there were in a day. She also helped me with organising myself through a clear and unique diary, and worked with me on time management. She emphasised the importance of fun and happiness, and taught me great relaxation exercises.

Through the sessions, we went a bit here and there according to the needs, but I have really appreciated the companionship : a coach is not here to tell you where to go, a coach accompanies on your journey, at your pace. It’s like a friend, walking on the life path with you, listening to you and sometimes offering some thoughts that are just what you need.

I have fully appreciated this time with Nupur, and can only recommend her to anyone who feels the need to change even more positively.

Anne Morin (, Switzerland.

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